As always, my Top Albums of the year are very different from my Top Songs of the year. But here’s my personal Top 25 Albums of 2016.

1. CAR SEAT HEADREST / Teens of Denial

If ‘The Strokes’ and ‘Ben Kweller’ merged and had the guts to play with song structure then they’d make something like this. ‘Car Seat Headrest’s newest album is a multi-layered, complex, tuneful masterpiece.

2. HOTEL BOOKS / Run Wild, Stay Alive

Last year ‘Hotel Books’ took my Number 1 spot as album of the year 2015. The second part of their two album experience doesn’t quite hit the heights of it’s predecessor, but it’s a heartfelt, tortured album of tremendous beauty.

3. PINEGROVE / Cardinal

The ‘Ben Kweller’ album he never wrote. Simple, loose, raw, and endlessly hummable. A fantastic little album.

4. BON IVER / 22, A Million

A controversial statement, but I think this is ‘Bon Iver’s best album yet. Sweet, sad, bitter, punctuated with gorgeous production ideas and refined.

5. LUH / Spiritual Songs for Lovers to Sing

Deep, dark, rich in ideas and fusing numerous styles – ‘LUH’s debut is something quite special indeed.

6. FRIGHTENED RABBIT / Painting of a Panic Attack

A band I’ve loved now for 10 years finally get back on track with this bristling album of sincere melodies and honest lyricism.

7. THE SLOW SHOW / Dream Darling

This Irish band return with another album this year, which can’t quite match the heights of last years, but comes close. A little repetitive when taken as a whole, but stuffed with heart-wrenching tunes.

8. ANOHNI / Hopelessness

Antony from ‘Antony & the Johnsons’ finally presents his political solo album, embracing heavy modern electronic production as opposed to his usual sparse piano and strings style. It’s a meaty, difficult album and all the better for it, with notes of ‘Woodkid’.

9. TINY MOVING PARTS / Celebrate

This Californian band finally return with a new album, which isn’t quite as meticulous as their previous effort, but still excels in some of the best songs to scream to in 2016.

10. JACK GARRATT / Phase

A hard inclusion here, as half the album I can’t get on board with at all. But songs like ‘Worry’, ‘Weathered’, and ‘My House is Your Home’ are some of the best ‘pop’ songs I’ve heard in years, with lyrics to die for. Thank you to my friend Ginny for pointing me toward him.

11. OLAFUR ARNALDS / Island Songs

12. MODERN BASEBALL / Holy Ghost

13. WEEZER / White Album


15. RADIOHEAD / A Moon Shaped Pool

16. YUCK / Stranger Things

17. ASTRONAUTALIS / Cut the Body Loose

18. OLD GRAY / Slow Burn


20. VELTPUNCH / The Newest Joke

21. LAMBCHOP / Flotus

22. THE HOTELIER / Goodness

23. M.WARD / More Rain

24. JESU & SUN KIL MOON / Jesu / Sun Kil Moon

25. PUP / The Dream Is Over