01 THE WITNESS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VcDe0EPUA04 After creating one of the titles to lead the front of indie gamers back in 2008, Jonathan Blow took all of his money and invested it in ‘The Witness’. And it’s a true labour of love. It’s easy ...Read More


As always, my Top Albums of the year are very different from my Top Songs of the year. But here's my personal Top 25 Albums of 2016. 1. CAR SEAT HEADREST / Teens of Denial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ccztRby3FAk If 'The Strokes' and 'Ben Kweller' ...Read More


Sadly, anime tends to be either appreciated and loved, or snubbed and loathed with very little space in the middle. I've been watching anime since 1984 when I'd watch 'Dragon Ball Z' and 'The Mysterious Cities of Gold' on French ...Read More


2015 was the biggest financial year for film in the history of cinema by just seven months in. Four of the Ten biggest grossing films in history came out in the past twelve months. It’s pretty incredible to think about that. ...Read More