2015 has arrived. There are tonnes of exciting releases to look forward to in the 12 months ahead, but here are my personal Top 20 picks including Movies, Games, TV and Music . . . 01 NO MAN’S SKY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLtmEjqzg7M My most ...Read More

Ryan Reynolds

So I have a list of five or so actors who are so charismatic, so effortlessly likeable, so charmingly cool, that I would watch any dross that they appear in. Sadly, most of those actors appear almost exclusively in dross ...Read More

'My So-Called Life' TV Stills

TV used to be the awkward cousin of the movies. Sure, every decade had it’s hit series but up until the twilight years of the 90’s when shows like The Soprano’s and The West Wing helped redefine what could be ...Read More


Since 1967 Lupin III has starred in dozens of manga volumes, hundreds of anime tv episodes, five theatrical anime movies, five straight to video films, two live actions movies from both Japan and France, and 22 tv movies. Making him ...Read More