Here are my Top 25 Films of 2017. The caveats? These films were released in the USA in the year 2017. That means I'm not counting films released in the UK (which I may have already seen in the US ...Read More


These are my Top 20 Games of 2017. As usual, I tend to only play Console Games, so that's all I'll be judging here. Sorry! I'll also only be counting brand new titles, so no re-releases, hd-remasters, or revamps, such ...Read More


So, here are my Top 20 Albums of 2017, in order from best down. As usual, my Top Songs of the Year are quite different from my Top Albums. To partly reflect this I have also picked my Top 5 ...Read More


01 THE WITNESS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VcDe0EPUA04 After creating one of the titles to lead the front of indie gamers back in 2008, Jonathan Blow took all of his money and invested it in ‘The Witness’. And it’s a true labour of love. It’s easy ...Read More